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August 14, 2020

Find yourself someone who looks at you like Colin looks at Sarah!!

A couple of months ago, I spoke to Sarah and Colin over FaceTime when I was still living in Poland to chat about potentially being their wedding photographer for their plan B wedding. Because of the time difference, I woke up sleepy at 4 am so we were able to meet each other and answer all their questions about booking me. From the very beginning of the conversation, their energy and our conversation gave me so much energy as if I just drank two cups of coffee! The more we chatted the more they felt like the ideal client, and I really wanted to be their photog but also their friend! We got off the call and I got a text from Sarah “Woo!! 😊 Colin said “we should have just told her yes right then, and then asked if she wanted to be friends too” 🤣 That is the best freaking text I did not expect!! I then went to sit on the roof to watch the sunrise, sip on coffee, and feel like I was dreaming!

Fast forward a couple of months to our engagement shoot. We took a wrong turn to get to the overlook in the Bitterroot mountians, had our heart skip a beat when Brees stepped a little too close to the edge, laughed till our cheeks hurt about bubble baths, had them take photos of each other, watched peacocks climb a tree to go to bed, talked about stories from our travels and how Sarah and Colin almost got abducted and had a blast watching the sunset over the valley! What more can you ask from an imperfectly perfect adventure when you are with people who have the best hearts and are just rad!

I am so honored to be able to document these two and the beautiful, sexy, and fun relationship they have built. The countdown to their wedding day has begun and I cannot wait! #june12

Sarah + Colin | Engagement Shoot in the Bitterroot Mountains


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