March 17, 2022

Shaine + Cole — The Love Story

“Cole proposed to me in my hometown, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Cole begged me to go on a walk at 4 a.m. before driving 9 hours home to Montana. We walked through the neighborhood at sunrise, the sky was a beautiful orange and pink behind the dense evergreen trees. My parents had just told us they were no longer going to live on Bainbridge, and we felt we needed to cherish our last moments before saying goodbye to the place I called home. At the end of our walk, we stopped and hugged one another. We chose to be present in this moment and take in the time we had just spent in the PNW. Cole talked to me about the immense love we share, the memories we have created together and asked me to grow that love with him forever. After Cole proposed we got on the next ferry boat and watched the sunrise behind downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound. It was a quiet and meaningful memory made as we looked forward to our future and the new adventures to come in marriage. “

Dress: Baltic Born

Hair: Master Stylist 406

Glowing Glacier Engagement | Shaine + Cole


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