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June 20, 2020

Engagement or couple sessions don’t have to be intimidating, posy, or stressful. They SHOULDN’T be! They should be about the connection you share with your partner spending time doing what is most YOU. To make every session relaxing and one of a kind authenticity is key!

Two weeks ago, I took a girls’ trip to the Baltic Sea in Dźwirzyno, Poland. I automatically fell in love with the small town and the down to earth people I’ve met there. A couple of those people were Ola and Kuba. Both of them are wind and kitesurfing instructors at Sunsport Dźwirzyno when they aren’t finishing their medical degrees. They were so awesome to open up and let me document their relationship. Kuba even got romantic and played Ed Sheeran for Ola. The session wasn’t about positioning them and telling them to smile at the camera but about bringing out their personalities and just having fun to the setting sun.

Ola + Kuba | Golden Hour Session by the Sea


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