February 13, 2021

1. Igloo at Highlander Brewery

SIP back and relax in Missoula’s original heated Igloo. Perfect for two to snuggle up next to the fire and taste the deliciousness of one of The Garden City’s oldest breweries.

2. Sledding at Blue Mountain

Grab a saucer and head south on 93 to take in the mountainous views that surround the area while sledding down the Blue Mountain recreational area. 

3. Sunset Hike on Mountain Sentinel — “M” mountain

A Missoula classic favorite. The M is one of the most iconic landmarks that makes Missoula, Missoula! Hike up the 11 switchbacks and witness the sunset from a different perspective. 

4. Brewery Run

Missoula does a lot of things well, but one for sure is beer. Be sure to stop at one preferably more of my favorites in the area. These include Highlander Brewing, Draught Works, and Kettlehouse. 

5. Ski Day 

With the snow FINALLY here there is no better time to ski than now. Pack a lunch and drive in any direction and you’ll find a chairlift somewhere. Here are some in the area: Snowbowl (20 minutes from Missoula), Lost Trail (1.75 hours), Lookout Pass (1.5 hours), and Discovery (1.5 hours).

6. Rattlesnake Trailhead 

The perfect place to get “safely” lost in the area. The Rattlesnake Recreational Area offers miles and miles of trails that are perfect for two to wander. 

7. Volunteer Together 

Serve each other by serving others! Not only do you get to spend time with your SO, but you also get to help out the community at the same time. Pick a program and make it a tradition to serve locally at the food bank, the Pov, or the YWCA! 

8. Discover Your Love Language

This may be the most fulfilling activity that you do together. Get ready to change your relationship for the better! The quiz takes minutes, but learning more about how your partner feels loved and appreciated will last a lifetime. I HIGHLY recommend this one. 

HERE is a link!

9. Have a Cocktail Night

Experiment with your favorite liquor and create new drinks for each other to try or even try to recreate your favorite cocktail from your favorite bar at home. Or if you would rather have someone make it for you be sure to hit up Plonk in Missoula. 

10. Day Long Movie Marathon

Nothing is as cozy as snuggling up and watching a movie. Spike some hot chocolate, cozy up, and turn on a movie or binge Netflix. Some of my recent favorites are Squid Games: The Challenge and Selling Sunset. 

11. Cooking Night

The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, right? Making dinner together can be so much fun. Try something new and learn to roll sushi or make pizza completely from scratch! Dinner always tastes extra good when you make it with love. 

12. Spoil Each Other

Head to Target and exchange gifts that you think your partner will be surprised with! Set a category, the budget, and have fun. 

13. Go Geocashing

This hobby has recently taken off again and is really accessible for anyone with an iPhone. Download the app and adventure to find some treasures in the area. 

14. Plan a Trip Together

Go on Airbnb and find a random city to get away for a weekend in. Even if it is even our friends up north in Whitefish, adventure always awaits in other areas. 

15. Build Something Together

Pinterest is FULL of fun DIYs that would make a fun Friday night activity. Pin an idea and head to Lowes or Michaels and spend time creating together. 

16. Pillow Fort Party

Pillow forts are not just for kids! Pile up pillows and blankets in the living room and put on a movie for a very memorable evening full of laughs and nostalgia. 

17. Ice Skating 

Find a frozen pond or just the skating rink in town, Glacier Ice Rink, and a pair of skates and enjoy the Montana winter air. If you are feeling adventurous, drive around all the lakes to find the best one with a view.

18. Pickleball

The Peak offers this highest-growing sport, indoors!! Stay warm, active, and a little competitive through the cold days!

19. Axe Throwing

Grab a flannel, closed-toed shoes, and your snack of choice and act like a lumberjack for a few hours at Lookout Throwing Co. Perfect for some friendly competition. 

20. Snowshoe 

Missoula has so many different areas that are PERFECT for snowshoeing. There are multiple places to rent equipment in the area that you can borrow for just an afternoon. 

21. Virtual Golf Simulator 

This date is fun even for those who have only ever “golfed” through a windmill and only carried a putter. There are a few opportunities to golf virtually in the wintertime in the Bitterroot Valley! 

22. Breakfast Burrito at Market On Front

When I tell you this is a Missoula staple I mean it! No one does a breakfast burrito like MOF. Be sure to get there before 11 am on the weekdays and 1 pm on the weekends to indulge in heaven on earth. Available for the meat lover and for the veggie obsessed. 

23. Spin Class

Couples who sweat together stay together!! Missoula has a few different spin studios that offer this fun. HypeHouseStudio is a beat-based studio that always brings a FIRE playlist and always serves good vibes.

24. Grab a Cup of Joe

Missoula has so many incredible different cute coffee shops. Head over to Drum Coffee, Clyde, or Black Coffee Roasting Co. for a special cup of coffee or a matcha latte if that is your thing. Why not experiment with new flavors and tastes of coffee and other baked goods the shops offer!

25. Spa Night

Stay in and put on a face mask, fluffy robes, and give each other massages. This date idea is perfect when it’s too cold to go out or just when you want to stay in and be cozy. Any drugstore has a great array of options for self-care.

Enjoy, love birds xx

Winter Date-Night Ideas in Missoula, MT


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