September 20, 2021

I know what it’s like to stress over what to wear, to worry about what to do, and to be excited but, mostly terrified of having your photos taken. Whenever I am photographed I experienced all the different emotions; the fears and the excitement.

I wanted to encourage you this morning by saying your shoot is going to be INCREDIBLE! You’re not there for me, I’M there for YOU. Forget the intimidating “photoshoot”. I’m only there for you to document your love. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures but to capture an exciting stage in your life while spending time together in a beautiful place.

Here’s a few tips I wanted to share with you before your engagement session!


Relax, unwind, and choose to do what you love. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a shoot absolutely frazzled, rushed, and disconnected. If you’re able to take the morning off, do it. Sleep in, have breakfast together, and go to your favorite coffee shop. Stare at each other, a lot! If you can’t take the day off, take time before you arrive at the session to simply be with each other – look each other in the eyes, reconnect, and breathe deep.


Wear something you feel awesome and beautiful in. If you really want to know, it does help the photos become more timeless if you avoid bright and distracting patterns or logos, but ultimately if you wear what you love that’s going to be the most beautiful of all. Don’t stress too much over it – it’s your connection that matters most!


I know how many expectations can come along with a shoot – I’ve been on the other end too. But honestly, what is most helpful is to let them all go as you get out of the car. Embrace the spontaneous, the wind, the rain, the laughter, and whatever unfolds. Every shoot is unique, and we have no set pattern. It’s all about YOU and capturing your love exactly how it is on the day of your shoot.


Champagne is on me. I want to bring something to celebrate this new chapter in your relationship, but if there is a favorite food, book, pet, or anything that is a symbol of your relationship – bring it! Anything symbolic to your love and you can be a nice touch to any photo, making it special and unique to only the two of you.


When you live in Montana, it can be hard to choose one perfect location. Aspen and Jesse go on an annual hiking/camping trip to Glacier National Park so it only made sense to go back to that stunning place for their engagement session! Where are locations that are significant to your relationship? If you haven’t discovered a place yet, think about what kind of landscape would you like to see on the walls of your home. Don’t forget, I’m always full of ideas and suggestions. I have plenty of galleries we can go through for inspiration.

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